Apr. 24th, 2010

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Fandom: Mass Effect 2
Pairing: Shepard/Thane
This is my request: a totally *not* romantic, dub-con sort of encounter where a mostly-Renegade Shepard takes advantage of Thane's insistence that his body is a tool for his employers to use -- turns out his new employer wants him to be more than just a killer. I have a slight preference for female Shepard, but I'd happily read this as m/m too.
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Fandom: Stargate: SG-1
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
This is my request: Dom!Jack/sub!Daniel: D/s--Daniel's body changes a lot over the course of the series. This is result of his submission to Jack.

By which I mean: Daniel is slim and long-haired at the beginning of the series, by the end he has short-cropped hair and I wouldn't hesitate to say 50 pounds (?) of muscle he didn't have before. Which ep is it where we see him lifting weights? Anyway, it could be an interesting fic where Jack and Daniel are in an power exchange type relationship, and part of Daniel's submission to Jack is changing his body in these ways (and maybe in ways less obvious the viewer)
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Fandom: Merlin, Star Trek 2009
Pairing/Characters: Kirk, Spock, Arthur, Merlin
Request: I'm not particular about what universe it's in or anything, but I'd just like to see Jim Kirk and Arthur Pendragon being amazing BAMF-y wondertwin BFFs FOR LYFE. And/or Merlin and Spock watching them and kind of wanting to die a little bit in their pants commiserating. Er. >.>