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Name:Fic on Demand - A FanFic Requests Community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Ask for the fic of your dreams, or write someone else's!
Community Info, Rules & Guidelines

[community profile] ficondemand is a place where you may make requests for fanfic, and/or fulfill other people's requests for fanfic. Writers are encouraged to view the requests as challenges; get inspired and have fun answering someone else's request. :)
New: We also want to help out writers wanting to write more in their fandoms, so there will be monthly prompting posts where you can advertise the fandoms you write in and ask for prompts.

This community is inclusive of all fandoms and genres - m/f, m/m, f/f, polyfic, other gender identities in any combination, gen, and fic that doesn't slot neatly into any of these categories.

There is no limit on the number of responses to a request. Multiple responses are encouraged.

Just because a writer offers to work on a request, that does not obligate them to do it. No pressure, no time limit. You can answer a request the same day someone makes it, or six months later. This is all about the fun.

Golden rule: we're all fans. Let's be fans together, and have fun. Treat each other with respect; no flaming, no bashing, no harassing.


In the subject line, put: [Request] [*fandom here*]

Please, nothing else in the subject. This will help me tag requests.

In the actual post, list the pairing/characters you would like and describe your request. Be as specific or as general as you would like. No subject is off limits, but if your request contains major spoilers or potentially triggery material, consider putting it behind a cut. You can copy & paste this to your post:


In the subject line, put: [FILLED] [*fandom here*] [requested by *requester's user name here*]

In the body of your fanfic post, include this header (copy & paste to your post):

In the actual post, you can link to the request post, but it is not necessary. All submissions, regardless of length, should be put behind a cut. You may also want to leave a comment on the original request post, so the person who requested the fic will be sure to see it.

Content notes: Please use this field to note central themes, kinks, squicks, or triggery material in your fill. Specifically, if your fill includes underage sex, problematic consent, self-harm/suicide themes, or graphic abuse/violence, either mention those items in the content notes or include the line "choose not to use standard notes." If your fill contains none of those things, please note "no standard notes apply." You are welcome to also mention any other content you'd like.

If you are requesting an obscure fandom, character or pairing, please be patient, as there may not be many authors who can fulfill that request. Furthermore, the mod cannot guarantee that *any* request will be fulfilled. However, I will keep track of all requests, and will make monthly posts with a list of all unfulfilled requests. This way, no one's request will be forgotten.

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