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Comment Fic Meme

How it's done:

1) Comment with fandom, pairing, and a prompt:

The first time...
(Example: The first time Arthur saw Eames...)

- Het, slash, fem, FPF, RPF - anything goes!
- Only one prompt per comment please!
- Anonymous comments are allowed.
- Small fandoms are welcome!

2) If a certain prompt catches your eye, WRITE IT. Be sure to add 'FILLED' in the subject title. Multiple fills to the same prompt are not only allowed, but encouraged!
You can either post your fic in the comments, or as a submission to the community - or both.

3) Pimp this meme far and wide. Feel free to pimp your prompts in your journal or fannish comms, too! Remember, the more people know about it, the more likely it is that your prompt gets filled! :)

4) Profit!

Keep all content on DW for three weeks. HAVE FUN! ♥

Fandom tags will be added to this post for filled prompts only.