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Fandom: Inception
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Dom Cobb, Robert Fischer, Dom Cobb/Robert Fischer

This is my request: Fischer-centric, please. He's not stupid - his subconscious obviously got trained to defend against extraction and it woulden't have taken him long to notice the small puncture wound from the PASIV device. There weren't many people in the business class with him, and from the long look he gives Cobb afterwards it's pretty clear that he does at least recognize him as having a part in this.

How does he react? How does he cope with his new feelings? Now that his relationship to his father is altered, I expect him to feel confusion and grief, to feel fragile, maybe even furious. He probably thinks they did an extraction, but he has no idea what they got from him. Maybe he wants answers. Maybe he just wants to feel safe again.

Go wild. Make it gen or slash, both would be fine with me.