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I'm looking for prompts for these fandoms: Marvel comics, Disney Princess, Axis Power Hetalia

I'm offering to write these pairing(s)/character(s): Steve Rogers/ or & Tony Stark, Luke Cage & or / Danny Rand, Misty Knight & or / Colleen Wing, Ororo Munroe, Janet van Dyne, Carol Danvers & or / Wanda Maximoff, Jasmine & or / Mulan, Belle & or / Esmeralda, Vietnam & or / Taiwan , China & or / Russia.

Additional notes:
I can write any rating. For Marvel comics, I can write in the main continuity pre-civil war, Ultimates (pre-Ultimatum), Marvel Noir, Marvel 3490 and Marvel Adventures Avengers vol. 1. I can write total AU for all fandoms.  I won't write rape/non-con, incest, underage sex, graphic violence. 
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If you are an author looking for people to give you some prompts for inspiration, this post is for you!

Please fill out the following in a comment to request prompts:

Anyone and everyone, please feel free to browse the comments and leave prompts for authors in need! Just be polite and remember you're making a request, not ordering from an automatic fic dispenser.

Authors, if you wind up writing for any requests you get here, please post to the comm!