Mar. 11th, 2012 06:21 pm
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Hello all! As you might have seen earlier this week, our founder [personal profile] noxie has decided to pass this community on; I'm [personal profile] cypher, and I will be taking over modly duties here at [community profile] ficondemand!

Rules and posting guidelines for the community can be found in the user profile any time you need a refresher, for both requesting and posting fills.

I'm planning to have two scheduled posts every month: a post at the beginning of a new month that lists the current unfilled requests, and a post in the middle of the month where writers who'd like prompts can ask for them. You are all welcome to post requests and fills at any time! (If the community gets active enough, we'll see about putting limits on how many requests you can make at once, but I think we're still a long way from having a problem there. XD)

Also, because everybody likes prizes and I like throwing money at Dreamwidth, let's have a little community stimulus package to try to get some activity happening here! Any request you fill between now and the end of April will net you a small number of DW points. Filling one of the already-existing requests will net you 30 points; filling a new request made after this post will net you 20 points. (Yes, it is totally fair game to entice, cajole, or browbeat your friends into making requests in your fandoms so that you can participate.)

Good to meet you all, and I hope to see a lot more of you around here in the future. :3
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Hi all!
In addition to fans requesting fan fic, writers can now request prompts for their fandoms in this community.

I've added the following to the community rules:


In the subject line, put: [Writer Taking Requests]

In the actual post, tell us what fandoms and pairings you are willing to write. You can copy & paste this to your post:

Please spread the word, my lovelies!

Thanks to [personal profile] skye_hakari for giving me the idea. :)
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Some of you suggested that I start posting monthly reminders of open requests, and your wish is my command. :)

Here we go...

January Open Requests, sorted by fandom in alphabetical order )

Also still open:
Tons of requests in our comment fic memes. Please see the relevant posts:

* "As You Wish" Comment Fic Meme
* First Kiss Comment Fic Meme (includes masterlist of prompts)


Jan. 22nd, 2011 12:32 pm
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My dears, thank you all for your input on my last post! I'm so glad to see that you're still interested in this comm as well, so let's try to get more requests filled and make people happy! :D

I've made some banners for this community, and I'd really appreciate it if you posted these to your journal and/or any relevant communities in your fandoms to promote [community profile] ficondemand . The more people join us, the more likely it will be that our requests get filled.

I made a general banner plus some fandom-themed banners. The reason I chose these particular fandoms is simply because I happened to have relevant images saved on my hard-drive. I'd be happy to make more banners for fandoms I don't know, but for that I need your help. If you want me to make a banner for your fandom, please comment with a picture I can use. It should be good quality and at least 500 pixels wide.

Fic On Demand Promo Banners

Simply copy and paste the code below the banner you want to use.

more banners below the cut )


Jan. 21st, 2011 12:52 pm
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Hello dear [community profile] ficondemand members! Sorry for not being around and neglecting this comm a little - real life demanded my attention for a while. But I still really love the idea of this comm, and I'd love to see more activity here. On how to generate that, alas, I'm at a loss, so I do need your input.

Requests we have a-plenty, we just need more writers willing to fill prompts. How do we get them interested in this comm?
Please share your ideas by filling out the poll or leaving a comment! Thanks! :D

Poll #5682 Fic On Demand Poll #1
This poll is anonymous.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 11

How would you like me to try to generate more activity?

View Answers

post more fic memes
7 (63.6%)

post a weekly theme
4 (36.4%)

post a monthly theme
4 (36.4%)

post weekly challenges
3 (27.3%)

post monthly challenges
6 (54.5%)

promote the comm more often
1 (9.1%)

make banners we can put in our user info
2 (18.2%)

I have another idea! I'll tell you in the comments
1 (9.1%)

If I posted another fic meme, it should be about:

If I posted weekly themes, the first theme should be:

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If you haven't looked at our current comment fic meme in a while, there are still TONS of awesome but unanswered prompts.

Please feel free to pimp the meme to writers in the relevant communities. Thank you! :D

We're back

May. 3rd, 2010 02:16 pm
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Sorry you guys - looks like the code push broke the layout of our community. And I was at FedCon all weekend and couldn't fix it until now. Meep! Thanks to [personal profile] majoline for letting me know!

Anyway, I hope the layout works again for everyone now. Sorry for the downtime!

I hope you'll continue to post so many cool requests - and that we'll soon find some takers amongst our authors. Enjoy!
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Dreamwidth's one-year anniversary in open beta is here! We're celebrating this with a fest, Three Weeks for Dreamwidth. ([community profile] three_weeks_for_dw)

The idea of the fest is to post content that will remain exclusively on DW for three weeks. After three weeks, the participants are free to post the content anywhere. The content can be anything: fics, art, friending memes, meta, squee, whathaveyou. Only content created for the fest has to stay DW-exclusive for three weeks. Other content can be cross-posted all you want.

Since [community profile] ficondemand (and our sister comm [community profile] artondemand) is a perfect place to participate in this fest, I'm hoping that we can generate some content. :D Please make sure to mention that you're participating in Three Weeks for Dreamwidth somewhere in your post, so that I can add the tag. Thank you! These tagged posts will show up on Latest Things, so everyone one the site can easily find them.

Please keep posting as many requests as you like, so that our writers will have lots of ideas to choose from! :D


Apr. 17th, 2010 04:09 pm
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Hello and welcome to [community profile] ficondemand !

[community profile] ficondemand is a place where you may make requests for fanfic, and/or fulfill other people's requests for fanfic. Writers are encouraged to view the requests as challenges; get inspired and have fun answering someone else's request. :)

NEW! Get inspired! We also want to help out writers wanting to write more in their fandoms, so you're welcome to advertise the fandoms you write in and ask for prompts.

Please take a moment to read the Posting Rules and Guidelines )
If you have any questions regarding the comm or need a new tag, please comment to this entry.
With all of this said - request away - and enjoy! :D

Sister Community: [community profile] artondemand - the same thing for fanart