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Fandom: Harry Potter/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Pairing(s)/Character(s): John Connor and Harry Potter
This is my request: The premise I have in mind to cross these two is actually that SkyNet and the Terminators were originally a secret project by muggles to take care of the wizard supremacist terror (i.e. Voldemort & Co.), and were devised to deal with the threat of out of control magic users via indestructible killing machines without having to wait for mythical saviors and prophecies. Basically the top muggle authorities in contact with the wizards got sick of the incompetence and false assurances of their wizard counterparts and looked for a military solution.

Only then of course SkyNet goes horribly wrong and wages total war not just on (evil) wizards (if you'd want to make the premise more sinister the original purpose of SkyNet could even have been to wipe out all wizards to protect muggles, both guilty and innocent) but against all humans. I then imagine that at some point John Connor and his resistance would hook up with Harry Potter and his friends to fight both SkyNet and maybe remaining Deatheaters and Voldemort. Harry and John could even commiserate about having so much hope pinned on them as they are expected to save the world. I'm not sure how to make the timelines match up best, but since with these two there is both magical and SF time-travel possible I could imagine them meeting at several junctures.

I actually had a dream with this premise once, but as ever with dreams I only recalled the plot and worldbuilding vaguely after waking up, and since then I wished someone would write this crossover properly.