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I write fic about the 80s post-punk group Echo & The Bunnymen. I haven't met any other EATB fan-writers, maybe because they never were the type of band to do any fanservice, and because the relationships in the band in general are a bit challenging to write. I'm forgetting the most simple reason - the average Bunnyfan focuses on Ian's prettiness and sort of forgets the other bandmembers. For one, it's obvious to me subjectively that the late drummer Pete De Freitas was actually a lot more conventionally good looking than Ian, though one can see I'm a huge Ian fan, from my user icons, and all the attention I focus on him on a day-to-day basis. And Ian said himself that he didn't want the bassist Les Pattinson to join EATB in the first place because he was 'too pretty'. Will Sergeant might not be what people would characterise as beautiful, but I really warm up to people/characters overtime, so it doesn't matter to *me*, anyway.

My fics usually turn into one-sided angst from Ian McCulloch's perspective, which is why I'd be interested on getting people to write more perspectives and pairings for the slashy version of the EATB story. :)

[TW: Minor references to drug use, violence and death under 'Read more...']
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