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[sticky entry] Sticky: Hello!

Hello all! As you might have seen earlier this week, our founder [personal profile] noxie has decided to pass this community on; I'm [personal profile] cypher, and I will be taking over modly duties here at [community profile] ficondemand!

Rules and posting guidelines for the community can be found in the user profile any time you need a refresher, for both requesting and posting fills.

I'm planning to have two scheduled posts every month: a post at the beginning of a new month that lists the current unfilled requests, and a post in the middle of the month where writers who'd like prompts can ask for them. You are all welcome to post requests and fills at any time! (If the community gets active enough, we'll see about putting limits on how many requests you can make at once, but I think we're still a long way from having a problem there. XD)

Also, because everybody likes prizes and I like throwing money at Dreamwidth, let's have a little community stimulus package to try to get some activity happening here! Any request you fill between now and the end of April will net you a small number of DW points. Filling one of the already-existing requests will net you 30 points; filling a new request made after this post will net you 20 points. (Yes, it is totally fair game to entice, cajole, or browbeat your friends into making requests in your fandoms so that you can participate.)

Good to meet you all, and I hope to see a lot more of you around here in the future. :3
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[Request] [Avatar: The Last Airbender]

 Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Mai
This is my request: I'd like a story about what Mai's doing during the events of The Promise comic, please :D

Taking Requests

Fandoms: Tiger & Bunny, Hetalia, Avatar: The Last Airbender/ Legend of Korra
Characters/ships: Female characters, femslash, het, rare pairs
Themes and genres I like: Fluff, angst, friendship, smut, slice of life, hurt/comfort
I'd prefer not to write: Graphic sex involving minors, torture porn, scat, vomit, animal abuse, rape as love, rape as comedy, AU
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[Writer Taking Requests]

I'm looking for prompts for these fandoms: Marvel comics, Disney Princess, Axis Power Hetalia

I'm offering to write these pairing(s)/character(s): Steve Rogers/ or & Tony Stark, Luke Cage & or / Danny Rand, Misty Knight & or / Colleen Wing, Ororo Munroe, Janet van Dyne, Carol Danvers & or / Wanda Maximoff, Jasmine & or / Mulan, Belle & or / Esmeralda, Vietnam & or / Taiwan , China & or / Russia.

Additional notes:
I can write any rating. For Marvel comics, I can write in the main continuity pre-civil war, Ultimates (pre-Ultimatum), Marvel Noir, Marvel 3490 and Marvel Adventures Avengers vol. 1. I can write total AU for all fandoms.  I won't write rape/non-con, incest, underage sex, graphic violence. 
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(Request) Big Bang Theory

Fandom: Big Bang Theory
Pairing(s)/Character(s): the whole gang.  Gen or Sheldon/Penny preferred
This is my request: One of more of the geniuses mess up BIG TIME.  Your choice on who and how - perhaps the guys invent a time machine, go back in time and step on a butterfly, or Bernadette accidentally unleashes a plague, or Amy creates a zombie.  The gang has to deal with the situation as best they can - up to you whether that means "fixing" the problem, or simply surviving.  Bonus points if Penny is instrumental in the "fix."

[Request] [Stargate SG-1]

Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing(s)/Character(s): none, specifically
This is my request: How might the Stargate program have come about had Ernest Littlefield been able to get back home. (( This brought to you by my watching of "The Torment of Tantalus" today during my SG-1 re-watch session. ))
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April 2012: Authors Taking Prompts

If you are an author looking for people to give you some prompts for inspiration, this post is for you!

Please fill out the following in a comment to request prompts:

Anyone and everyone, please feel free to browse the comments and leave prompts for authors in need! Just be polite and remember you're making a request, not ordering from an automatic fic dispenser.

Authors, if you wind up writing for any requests you get here, please post to the comm!
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[Request] [Stargate SG-1]

Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Character: Jack O'Neill
This is my request: I find myself suddenly craving a fic in which, years later, Jack has to deal with something related to having been host to Tok'ra. Maybe he senses a Goa'uld in someone, or maybe he has to use a Goa'uld hand device / healing device, or maybe you have a better plan than either of those. Prefer gen & plotty.

(Bonus points awarded for: angsting, excessive word counts, and some sort of conversation with Sam about it. Her offering advice, or him apologizing to her for all those years of "why don't you just use this random Goa'uld tech?", or something.)
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April 2012: Current Outstanding Requests

Here is the current list of all the requests we have that have yet to be filled! Each request is linked to the original post (sometimes with more details there); if you post a fill for one of these requests, make sure you drop a line in the original request post to let the requester know!

current request table )
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[request] star trek xi / star trek reboot / star trek 2009 (whatever you want to call it)

Fandom: Star Trek XI/Reboot/2009.
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Kirk, Sulu, McCoy, Uhura, Spock. The entire crew is cool, but I'd like the focus to be on those five, with an appearance of Galia.
This is my request: Zombie apocalypse! Maybe they go back home after their mission at the end of the film only to find THE WORLD AS THEY KNEW IT IS GONE. Cliche, yes, but fun. :3
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FILLED: Homestuck, requested by [personal profile] wallwalker

Title: Jade: engage process of discovery
Author: [personal profile] cypher
Fandom: Homestuck
Pairing: Jade/Tavros
Rating: not worksafe
Content notes: explicit sex between teenagers; no other standard notes apply
Summary: Having an alien boyfriend is a little like an adventure and a little like a science experiment. Fortunately for you (and for your alien boyfriend), those are both things you really like.

Jade: engage process of discovery )

[Request] [Echo & The Bunnymen (bandom)]

I write fic about the 80s post-punk group Echo & The Bunnymen. I haven't met any other EATB fan-writers, maybe because they never were the type of band to do any fanservice, and because the relationships in the band in general are a bit challenging to write. I'm forgetting the most simple reason - the average Bunnyfan focuses on Ian's prettiness and sort of forgets the other bandmembers. For one, it's obvious to me subjectively that the late drummer Pete De Freitas was actually a lot more conventionally good looking than Ian, though one can see I'm a huge Ian fan, from my user icons, and all the attention I focus on him on a day-to-day basis. And Ian said himself that he didn't want the bassist Les Pattinson to join EATB in the first place because he was 'too pretty'. Will Sergeant might not be what people would characterise as beautiful, but I really warm up to people/characters overtime, so it doesn't matter to *me*, anyway.

My fics usually turn into one-sided angst from Ian McCulloch's perspective, which is why I'd be interested on getting people to write more perspectives and pairings for the slashy version of the EATB story. :)

[TW: Minor references to drug use, violence and death under 'Read more...']
Read more... )
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[Request] [Teen Wolf]

Fandom: Teen Wolf (MTV)
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Scott, Stiles, Allison, Lydia, Jackson, Danny, Melissa
This is my request: I'd love to see some fic that focuses on the gen-relationships between and amongst these characters in whatever combination. My eternal loves are for Melissa-finds-out fic or poorly-thoughts-out-attempts-at-a-cure fic centered on Scott and Stiles, but I'm really not picky. The fandom is a desolate and depressing place for those not into Derek/Stiles, and I'm craving something fun to read. No character bashing, please.

[FILLED] [Stargate SG-1] [requested by [personal profile] karmageddon]

Title: 5 Times Jack Made a Change, and one time Daniel Did
Author: [personal profile] highlander_ii
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson
Rating: R/NC-17
Length: 1,151
Content notes: (skip) BDSM, wax play, bondage, orgasm denial, tattooing, TPE, shaving
Author notes: Inspired by the prompt listed here at [community profile] ficondemand; lightly beta'd by me
Summary: It was the only time Jack had ever asked Daniel to change anything before they actually got together.

5 Times Jack Made a Change, and one time Daniel Did

[[ currently posted solely to the [community profile] fan_flashworks comm, per the comm rules; will be posted to my AO3 account when the challenge closes XD ]]


Fandom: Castle
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Ryan/Esposito
This is my request: Set anytime post 4x11 - Jenny gets pregnant, but dies in childbirth. Ryan isn't sure how he's going to manage to raise the baby alone, but Esposito steps in to help. Angst at first, with eventual Ryan/Esposito romance (longer, slow-building emotions would be preferred).
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[Request] [Stargate SG-1]

Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Cameron Mitchell/Vala Mal Doran or Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill or Sam Carter/Vala Mal Doran
This is my request: A Dancing with the Stars AU/AR, with or without a public or secret Stargate Program. Jack or Cam or Sam is a celebrity Air Force officer, Daniel or Vala is the professional-dancer partner. If Sam/Vala or Daniel/Jack, this may be the first time there's been a same-sex pair on the show, or it may be an alternative 'verse where it's commonplace. I would be equally delighted with The One Where They're All Pros and Contestants on DwtS, or a fic in which one SG-1 character does the show -- say, after becoming a celebrity when the stargate is revealed to the world. ETA: Strictly Come Dancing fic would also be great!
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[Request] Hetalia

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing(s)/Character(s): female America/Taiwan
This is my request: I just would like to see female America/Taiwan in a fantasy AU setting.  Maybe something D&D like?
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[Request] [Homestuck]

Fandom: Homestuck
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Jade/Tavros
This is my request: Cute, fluffy first-time Jade/Tavros, with lots of laughs and fun times and discoveries. Xeno is always a plus. AU/Dreambubble fic is also just fine -I'm cool with anything that they do together, and however you want to get them together, as long as it's fluffy and happy and fun for all.
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[Request] [Final Fantasy VIII]

Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Irvine/Ellone (or Irvine + Ellone)
This is my request: Post-game fic with the two of them as close friends/lovers, with the theme of the two of them being the only ones who really remember what happened. If you want to incorporate false memories, things that the other kids have forgotten that are coming back to haunt them, or memories of the two of them that they shared at the orphanage, that would all be wonderful. I'd be happy with any rating.

[Request] Supernatural

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Claire Novak
This is my request: PLEASE SOMEBODY write the during-and-after-7x01 fic where Castiel's I-am-the-New-God shenanigans spawn a new religion that Claire leads. SO I DON'T HAVE TO.