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[Request] [Echo & The Bunnymen (bandom)]

I write fic about the 80s post-punk group Echo & The Bunnymen. I haven't met any other EATB fan-writers, maybe because they never were the type of band to do any fanservice, and because the relationships in the band in general are a bit challenging to write. I'm forgetting the most simple reason - the average Bunnyfan focuses on Ian's prettiness and sort of forgets the other bandmembers. For one, it's obvious to me subjectively that the late drummer Pete De Freitas was actually a lot more conventionally good looking than Ian, though one can see I'm a huge Ian fan, from my user icons, and all the attention I focus on him on a day-to-day basis. And Ian said himself that he didn't want the bassist Les Pattinson to join EATB in the first place because he was 'too pretty'. Will Sergeant might not be what people would characterise as beautiful, but I really warm up to people/characters overtime, so it doesn't matter to *me*, anyway.

My fics usually turn into one-sided angst from Ian McCulloch's perspective, which is why I'd be interested on getting people to write more perspectives and pairings for the slashy version of the EATB story. :)

[TW: Minor references to drug use, violence and death under 'Read more...']
Pairings: Ian McCulloch/Will Sergeant - it's the pairing I ship the most of. I know they don't exactly 'belong' together in canon, but whenever I write, I seem to go for that pairing. Extra info on pairing - they were the original founders of the Bunnymen, with the two other core members of the band joining later. The musical partnership between Ian and Will is also the longest in the group - they've been going on to this day, albeit a break up and a lot of bitchiness in-between. Ian recently described their relationship as not a love-hate relationship but '95% love and only 5% narkiness'. Will's explanation for the relationship between Ian and himself is more reserved and less emotional: “I think it’s because we give each other a lot of space, you know, we don’t hang out together particularly. We just like come together and… And it’s always been pretty much much like that, he’s always been his own person and I’ve always been my own person, you know, we don’t sort of, you know, get into each other’s face too much. It is a strange relationship, you know, if it ain’t broken don’t fix it.”

Will Sergeant/Les Pattinson - I figure, this is what Will would actually ship, if he had a saying in the matter. ;) Will and Les know each other from before the Bunnymen, they went to highschool together - though they were more like acquaintances than friends (it shouldn't stop anyone from using that fact as a basis for HS AUs, I say). Les left the band in 1999, but he and Will still see each other - Will tweets about their get-togethers. At one time recently, Will's self-run facebook page featured an old pic of him & Les together. A memorable quote from Les about their friendship: "Will was round at our house here about 3 years ago and I hadn't really seen him for 2 years, I was asking him "How's it going?" and he said "Oh, it's alright... I still miss me best mate though, when we go shopping". I didn't realize what he was saying until later, and for Will to say something like that, 'cos he's not a lovey-dovey kind of guy, and I suddenly realized when he left, that must have been really hard for him to say, y'know? But we used to go out shopping. We'd be bored on tour, so when we were in America we'd buy these radio controlled cars for like $300 each, and build them in the hotel instead of going out every night. Mac would go out every night and blow all his money, and me and Will would be in the hotel room fine tuning these radio controlled cars! We'd go out and race them. I think it was to take our minds off playing in front of these huge audiences, our whole day was making sure we had our batteries charged for these cars, so in the sound-check, which would get a bit mundane, we'd race all these cars, and the road crew would join in with us, it was great!"

Les Pattinson/Pete De Freitas - Blond-on-blond pairing. XD They too seem to have a bit of 'canon' to them, given that they'd lived together for two years (I think I'd read somewhere that they were sharing a flat with Will, but I can't verify it now. There's a definite quote from Les about living with Pete, though). Seemed to me like the closest in the group, especially from quotes after Pete's death. Seemed to spend a lot of time riding and maintaining their motorcycles, alongside with keyboardist Jake Brockman (sadly, both Jake and Pete were killed on separate motorcycle accidents).

Ian McCulloch/Les Pattinson - Alright, so, they're far from a match made in heaven. But I thought it was a pairing worth mentioning because both of the persons involved talked about physical fights between them, and for all I know, a bit of rivalry and physical altercations had never hurt any slash pairing. ;)

If anyone can write any of the aforementioned- or combinations I didn't mention like Pete/Will or Ian/Pete (- Ian seems to fondly recall doing lines with Pete in record company toilets, there's a little more room for naughtiness there between them in Bunnyslashland), or even write them with side-characters in the Bunnymen story, for example Will Sergeant/Bill Drummond (former manager) Ian McCulloch/Julian Cope (yet another foe!yay, but I see the potential since they've been so bitter about each other), Ian McCulloch/Johnny Marr (they didn't release the album they reportedly worked on together, the least we can get is some slash - I wrote bits and pieces of that) Will Sergeant/Noel Burke or Les Pattinson/Noel Burke ( -oh yes, I went *there* - Noel was the singer they'd hired to replace Ian) - I'd be glad with anything you could come up with, really. Heck, I wouldn't even mind reading het, but I feel a bit shy writing the bunny wives/partners - much as I'm sympathetic for them.

~ Nikki.
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I'm really sorry to be replying when I can't write it (because unfortunately I don't know them very well at all) but I'm just kind of blown away that anyone writes Echo & The Bunnymen slash. I remember them from the '80s. Wow.

(Though I want a gen fic about racing radio-controlled cars featuring anybody at all right now... XD)