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[request] Tales of Vesperia

Fandom: Tales of Vesperia
Characters: Flynn, Yuri
Request: References back to Abyss -- I'd love to see pastfic where Flynn gives Yuri the promise speech that Asch gives Natalia: When we grow up, let's change this country. Let's make it so that nobody has to be poor, and make it so war doesn't happen. Let's change it together.

Probably for them this makes the most sense nine or ten years pre-game, when the Great War is either happening or has just ended & its veterans are coming home.

I ship these two really hard, and tend to imagine them really affectionate even before they were ready to be sexual, but platonic friendship is totally cool here, esp. given how young they'd be.

(I still haven't seen First Strike, so please don't base this story on anything that happens there.)
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I will be at a con this weekend, and will be doing a lot of art-table sitting.

Now I know what I can work on.